Hello, and welcome to my website!  My name is Tim Cochran, and I've spent the last 20+ years studying the Holy Bible, Israeli history, Church history and other subjects as I've been refining and finalizing my own personal theology. Over the years I've become aware of some very wonderful study material out there, and the main focus of this site will be to provide, free to the public, two of these resources which have personally benefited me to such a great extant that I must now share them with you! These two resources are 1) The Theocratic Kingdom by George N. H. Peters which provides an extensive examination of all things pertaining to the Kingdom of God on Earth, and 2) The Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance which, consisting of a variety of materials, proposes to set forth evidence indicating God's creative acts in pre-adamite creations of long ago, upon this earth. I've been working on a "videobook" of George H. Pember's classic work Earth's Earliest Ages which covers this same 'Old Earth' exposition of Genesis 1:1-2. And, unlike Custance the scientist, Pember doesn't hesitate to get into the role angelic beings played in these previous creations. Only some of the text is uploaded right now, but eventually I will provide the complete audiobook to you by way of YouTube videos (thus "videobook," get it?)
    If you have a question for me, or have some resources you would like me to look at, please feel free to send me an email. Just be aware I don't check my email every day. I do check about once a week, however, so I'll get back with a response as soon as I can. Click the button below to send me mail!

    I do work a full time job in an unrelated field, but I spend just about all my spare time studying and preparing materials for this website and YouTube. I am not a very wealthy person. In fact, I'm really quite poor. If you find it in your heart to support my ministry, I would really, REALLY appreciate it. You can support me by simply sharing my webpages and videos with your friends on social media. This kind of support brings my material to new audiences and perhaps I would even end up with a few new subscribers at my YouTube channel! Another way to support me is with a monetary gift of some sort. At Patreon, I've set up my account so supporters can donate $1 per month (12$ per year). This seems reasonable to me, a year's worth for less than most folks make in an hour. Please consider supporting me. I also have a Paypal account, which is convenient for one-time gifts or for gifts of a particular amount. If you are interested, please click the buttons below. And, Thank You!

    "So easy, a caveman could do it!" Out there in 'Christendom' (a misnomer) we find many people who claim Dispensational Theology is just too darn confusing to be true. This, itself, is an untruth which my YouTube channel and site hope to refute. Truth be told, Dispensational Theology is the only straightforward, simple system which honors God's Holy Word with reverence and sobriety.

May the Lord Jesus, the Christ,  bless you in your walk towards His Kingdom,
Timmy Cochran
So easy, a caveman could do it!
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